In America, the 1st Amendment protects the rights of the press to report as they see fit without the influence or censorship that ties the hands of journalists. In China, there is no such protection and journalists must walk a very narrow path to maintain their ability to report there.

For the first time in five years, a journalist has been barred from reporting.

This really isn’t all that shocking. What’s more shocking is that she’s the first journalist who has bucked the system in the last five years. Knowing how tight the grip is over all forms of information coming in and going out of China, the fact that Ursula Gauthier is the first in five years means that journalists have stayed within their box for that long.

Her article isn’t exactly massive propaganda or anti-Chinese rhetoric. It’s a pretty solid piece of journalism that tells a few uncomfortable truths but that seems pretty light compared to what should be getting reported there. Oh well. It shows that China has won their own version of the information war that’s going on around the world.

Here’s the article: